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The Catz are out to play.

The 12th of May marked quite a special occasion. In one of the most luxurious places, the private jet passenger terminal, normally reserved for those with private jets, something special was released. This space is all about perfection. Every detail, every inch is kept immaculously clean. Every staff member is dressed to perfection. So too, CATZ gin strives for perfection.

Meet the CATZ

CATZ gin is the creation of two wise cats, Dick Kraak and Sjef Molenaar. With several decades of experience in the service field, these wise veterans saw the time was ripe for a new dry gin. A dry gin with real dutch heritage.

CATZ at work

CATZ is created in Schiedam at one of the oldest distilleries of the country. When you look at the bottle the first thing you will notice is its clear nod to the genever past. Another is the rustic colour of the bottle, already signifying the citrus tones present in this gin.

At 48,2 % ABV this is not a lightweight by any means. However the taste remains smooth, with hints of juniper and angelica. On the nose the fruity tones of Bergamot comes through and the taste finishes fresh with citrus, but not sour, and stays broad and big with cinnamon tones.

All botanicals, such as juniper berry, cardemom, coriander, cayenne pepper and angelica, are all distilled seperately and the use of bergamot gives it its destinct twist, without leasing away from the classic gin taste.

Serving CATZ

Its Perfect Serve consists of rimming an ice cube filled glass, a big copa one, with a wedge of lime, squeezing it subsequentially and dropping it in. Then adding 50 ml’s of CATZ and 200 ml premium tonic. Finally it requires the addition of a liquorice stick. I prefer to tap it on the bar first to release the flavours.

Especially the liquorice really is a very nice touch and truly enhances the flavours, not hiding them!


Another drink that i was inspired to make after having tasted CATZ is a variation on a classic swizzle.


“Jet stream swizzle””
50 ml CATZ gin
25 ml fresh lime juice
7 ml Fernet Branca Menta
10 ml Luxardo Maraschino
2 dashes Angostura bitters
10 ml Chartreuse Jaune (yellow)

“Swizzle” all ingredients over crushed ice in a large glass. Garnish with a flaming absinthe spray and a julep strainer with several mint sprigs sticking out of it.

Want to know more about CATZ gin? They will be present at Perfect Serve Barshow Amsterdam 2016.

Words by Timo Janse
Picture by Kevin Kroon
Header image from Facebook page CATZ

Na verschillende functies in de horeca, kwam Ming in 2002 in aanraking met cocktails. Vanaf toen was hij vaak achter de bar te vinden tot hij besloot om weer te studeren. Maar zijn horecaverleden kon hij niet laten rusten en besloot in 2009 Sensez.nl op te richten om informatie te voorzien aan de steeds groeiende bartenderscene! Naast oprichter van Sensez.nl is hij fotograaf met als specialisme horeca!