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Zo was ik op een rustige zondag middag mijn zoldertje aan het schoonmaken toen ik opeens een oud mapje van mijn opa vond over de Tear drop cocktail. Met gek genoeg de legende hoe deze cocktail ontstond! Graag wilde ik met jullie allen dit unieke verhaal delen. En natuurlijk kunnen jullie de Tear Drop bij ons ervaren.

Cheers, Leroy


So goes the story of Pierrot who worked his entire life in an small little place called Angers. Pierrot was a talented pantomime preformer who was in the service of Columbina’s father. He had to preform for Columbina’s family on every single day for some after-dinner amusement. Doing the same old pantomime trick but Columbina loved it. So after each preformance Pierrot went to his private little chamber where Columbina made him her special potion. Consisting of Cointreau together with Rhum Agricole, Maraschino liqueur, raspberry syrup, fresly squeezed lemon bitters & aromatic bitters with a nice sprayed orange zest. In thanks for his nice preformance.

While drinking her lovely potion made Pierrot’s life feel less hard and less sad somehow. Eventualy he slowly fel in love with Columbia, only was he to shy to tell her. Weeks went by and still every day Pierrot got his lovely Cointreau based potion, which he allways was looking forward to and enjoyed so much aswel as the company of young Columbina.

Untill Columbina’s father decided he wanted to see something new and refreshing and hired Harlequin. He was a spectaculair preformer and did flips en carthwheels to spice up his preformance. Furthermore he was not that introvert as Pierrot and sadly for Pierrot Young Columbia fell in love with agile Harlequin. As the house of Columbina’s family was too small for two Performers Pierrot got fired and felt ever sad again.

Now he was wandering the streets of Angers once more without the taste of love and without the taste of superior quality Cointreau. He painted an black tear under his eye to resemble the sadness he felt for his lost love Columbina and promised to himself never to smile again.

Years went by and Pierrot still walked Angers marked with his black tear and ever sad face. Untill Pierrot met an certain man somewhere in the year 1898. Who saw Pierrot entertain for a small crowd to make a little bit of money. The man asked Pierrot if he liked to work for his company and in return he promised Pierrot he could heal his broken heart with the power of oranges. First Pierrot did not believe this man. Untill Pierrot asked for his name.

And the man awnserd, I am Mr. Edouard Cointreau…
…Most people didn’t noticed but some people say that a little smile came back on Pierrot’s face.


15 ml Cointreau
60 ml Rhum agricole
7,5 ml maraschino
2 barspoons of homemade raspberry syrup
22,5 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 dashes aromatic bitters
Orange zest


Na verschillende functies in de horeca, kwam Ming in 2002 in aanraking met cocktails. Vanaf toen was hij vaak achter de bar te vinden tot hij besloot om weer te studeren. Maar zijn horecaverleden kon hij niet laten rusten en besloot in 2009 Sensez.nl op te richten om informatie te voorzien aan de steeds groeiende bartenderscene! Naast oprichter van Sensez.nl is hij fotograaf met als specialisme horeca!